what can i do to make my husband stop cheating

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As human beings, the essence of our existence lies in love, companionship, and intimacy, hence the reason we get married. However, the reality in marriage is that cheating happens, and it is a prevalent issue that affects many couples worldwide. Infidelity is not only painful but can lead to the breakdown of a marriage. If you have discovered that your husband has been unfaithful, the first question you may ask yourself is, “what can I do to stop him from cheating?”.

It is essential to note that your spouse’s decision to cheat is not your fault. No matter how much love, affection, or attention you give, infidelity remains a choice. However, you can do several things to make him stop cheating. The first step is to address the issue from a place of love, understanding, and sincerity. Here are some tips to help you make your husband stop cheating.

1. Have an open and honest conversation: If you discover that your husband is cheating, it is tempting to feel angry, betrayed, or hurt. Nevertheless, it is crucial to take a deep breath, calm yourself, and talk to your husband. Encourage him to open up about why he cheated and listen without judging or interrupting. By doing this, you create room for healing and understanding.

2. Evaluate your relationship: Evaluate your marriage and examine if there are any underlying issues that he may be trying to escape from. Consider seeking the help of a professional counselor who can help you identify and address any underlying issues that may be contributing to your husband’s infidelity.

3. Build trust: Trust can be quickly lost but takes time to regain. Be patient with the process and take baby steps towards building trust. For instance, you can set boundaries such as checking in with each other regularly, not keeping secrets or deleting messages, and being transparent.

4. Reinforce the relationship: Reinforce your relationship with your husband by engaging in activities that bring back the spark in your marriage. Invest time in each other emotionally and physically. Engage in activities like date nights, going on a holiday or exploring new hobbies together.

5. Offer forgiveness: Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can help promote healing within your marriage. If your husband shows remorse and commits to changing his ways, be open to forgiving him. However, it is essential to remember that forgiveness does not mean forgetting or allowing him to repeat the same mistake.


1. Is infidelity a common issue in marriages?

Yes, infidelity is prevalent in marriages worldwide. Studies indicate that about 20-25% of married men and women engage in extramarital affairs.

2. Who is responsible for infidelity in a marriage?

Infidelity is a choice that the cheater makes. Therefore, the responsibility lies with the individual who made the choice to cheat.

3. Can a marriage survive infidelity?

Yes, marriage can survive infidelity. However, it takes a lot of effort, commitment, and willingness to change from both partners.

4. Should I forgive my husband for cheating?

Forgiveness is a personal decision that you have to make. If your husband shows remorse and is willing to make amends, you can consider forgiving him. However, forgiveness does not mean forgetting or erasing the memory of the hurtful experience.

5. Can therapy help in making my husband stop cheating?

Yes, therapy can help in making your husband stop cheating. Therapy provides strategies for improving communication, reinforcing trust, and addressing underlying issues that may be contributing to infidelity.

In conclusion, infidelity is a serious issue that can be detrimental to the survival of a marriage. However, with patience, commitment, and willingness to change, couples can overcome infidelity and strengthen their relationship. Remember that the decision to cheat is not your fault, and it is up to your husband to take responsibility for his actions and commit to rebuilding your relationship.