why does he keep cheating on me with his ex

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Why Does He Keep Cheating on Me with His Ex?

It’s a difficult thing to discover that your partner has been cheating on you. It’s even more difficult when you find out that he’s cheating on you with his ex. Why would he do that? What’s going on? These are all questions that may go through your mind as you deal with this difficult and painful situation.

First of all, it’s important to remember that there are many reasons why people cheat. It’s not always a reflection of the relationship or the partner they’re with. In some cases, cheating may be a sign that something is wrong in the relationship, but in other cases, it may be a sign of personal issues or unresolved feelings from the past.

When it comes to cheating with an ex, there are several possible explanations. Here are some of the most common:

1. Nostalgia and familiarity

Sometimes, people cheat with their exes because they miss the familiarity and comfort of the past. They may be going through a difficult time in their current relationship, and the thought of rekindling an old flame can be tempting. In some cases, the cheating may be a way for the person to feel like they still have control over their past, even if they can’t control their present.

2. Unresolved feelings

In other cases, cheating with an ex may be a sign that the person still has unresolved feelings for their former partner. They may have never really gotten over the breakup or still have strong feelings of attraction or love. If they see an opportunity to be with their ex again, they may take it, even if it means hurting their current partner.

3. Emotional connection

Another reason why people may cheat with their exes is that they have a strong emotional connection that they don’t have with their current partner. This emotional connection may stem from shared experiences, memories, or a deep understanding of each other’s needs and desires. If the current relationship is lacking in emotional intimacy, the person may turn to their ex as a source of comfort and support.


Q: Should I forgive him if he cheated on me with his ex?
A: Forgiveness is a personal choice, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not to forgive your partner. It’s important to consider whether the cheating was a one-time mistake or a pattern of behavior, and whether your partner is willing to take responsibility and make changes to prevent it from happening again.

Q: How can I trust him again if he’s cheated on me with his ex?
A: Rebuilding trust after infidelity can be a long and difficult process. It’s important to have honest and open communication with your partner about your feelings and concerns, and to set clear boundaries and expectations for the relationship moving forward. It’s also important to consider seeking professional help, such as couples therapy or individual counseling, to work through the emotional wounds and trust issues that may arise.

Q: Is it possible for a relationship to survive cheating with an ex?
A: Yes, it’s possible for a relationship to survive infidelity, but it requires both partners to be committed to working through the challenges and rebuilding trust. It’s important to be honest about your feelings and needs, and to be willing to put in the effort to rebuild the relationship, even when it’s difficult.

Q: Should I confront his ex about the cheating?
A: Confronting the ex may not be the best approach, as it could lead to unnecessary drama and tension. Instead, focus on communicating with your partner about your concerns and working together to find a resolution. If you’re struggling to move on from the infidelity, consider seeking professional help or joining a support group for people who have experienced infidelity.

In conclusion, dealing with infidelity is never easy, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. If your partner has cheated on you with his ex, it’s important to take time to process your emotions and figure out what you want moving forward. Whether you choose to forgive and work through the issues or move on, remember that you deserve to be with someone who respects and values you.