signs your spouse is cheating on you

Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Marriages are often thought of as a lifelong commitment, built on trust, honesty, and love. But sometimes, even the most committed couples can go through rough patches that lead to infidelity. Cheating is an issue that can shatter a marriage and throw lives into turmoil. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, watch out for the following signs.

1. Decreased Intimacy:
One of the most apparent signs of cheating is a sudden decrease in intimacy. If you find your partner avoiding physical or emotional connection, this is an alarming sign. If your once affectionate partner has started avoiding intimacy, there may be a significant problem.

2. Hiding Devices:
Are you suddenly noticing that your partner is hiding their mobile phone or laptop? Changing passwords of their social media accounts? If yes, hiding devices should be a strong indication of an issue in the relationship.

3. Unexplained Absences:
If your partner is starting to spend more time outside the home, this could be a red flag. Unexplained absences from home could indicate that your partner is cheating.

4. Changes in Appearance:
Sometimes, when people are cheating, they feel the need to impress their lover. As a result, they may start paying more attention to their appearance. If your partner suddenly starts changing their hair or clothing style, then it could be an indication of cheating.

5. Unexplained Expenses:
Cheating often involves expenses. If you notice that your partner is spending a lot of money without any legitimate explanation, it could be a cause for concern. Keep an eye out for credit card statements and receipts.

6. Sudden Change of Attitude:
Is your once happy-go-lucky spouse is now increasingly irritable or defensive? They might be under intense pressure to keep their infidelity under wraps. If they suddenly become unreasonably defensive and argumentative about trivial things, it could be a sign of unease.

7. A Gut Feeling:
Sometimes you may have no way of explaining why, but you begin to feel that something is not quite right. It could be a sudden feeling of distrust that starts growing day by day. In whatever situation, a gut feeling is usually based on something that is genuinely concerning, so it’s critical to investigate further.

Bottom line
Marriage is a complicated relationship that involves many different factors. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, it’s crucial to address your concerns and have a conversation with them. However, keep in mind that some of these signs, such as changes in appearance or unexplained expenses, may have explanations that don’t involve infidelity.


Q. Should I check my spouse’s phone?
A. It is not always advisable to check your spouse’s phone or laptop. It can damage trust and lead to an even bigger divide in your relationship. However, if you genuinely think that your spouse is hiding something, it’s necessary to address your concerns and have an honest conversation with them.

Q. What should I do if I catch my spouse cheating?
A. If you catch your spouse cheating, the first step is to take a deep breath and address it with them. It is recommended that you see a marriage counselor or a therapist to work through the infidelity and decide what to do next.

Q. Can cheating cause PTSD?
A. Yes. It is common for individuals dealing with the trauma of infidelity to exhibit symptoms of PTSD, particularly if they are subjected to gaslighting, verbal abuse, or emotional manipulation.

Q. How do I know if I am emotionally cheating on my spouse?
A. Emotional cheating usually includes forming a deep bond with someone other than your spouse- sharing intimate details about your life or having conversations that involve romantic feelings or flirtatious messages. If you find yourself regularly texting, calling, or spending time with a particular person and hiding it from your spouse, this could be an indication of emotional cheating.