what to do when someone flirts with your partner

Dealing With Flirtation: What To Do When Someone Flirts With Your Partner

It’s never easy to see someone else flirting with your partner. It can shake your confidence and make you feel uncomfortable or even angry. But it’s important to remember that it happens to almost everyone at some point, and there are ways to handle it that can make you feel better and strengthen your relationship.

Here are some things you can do when faced with flirtation:

1. Trust Your Partner

The first and most important thing is to trust your partner. If they’re truly committed to you, they won’t be swayed by someone else’s flirtatious behavior. It’s natural to feel a bit jealous or insecure, but don’t let those feelings take over. Talk to your partner and express your concerns, but try not to accuse them of anything before you have all the facts.

2. Talk to the Flirt

If someone is flirting with your partner right in front of you, it’s okay to say something. You don’t have to be confrontational or aggressive, but you can politely let the person know that your partner is taken. For example, you might say, “Excuse me, but my partner and I are together. Can you please respect our relationship?” or “I appreciate the compliment, but my partner is spoken for.” Remember to stay calm and respectful, even if the person is being rude.

3. Stay Positive

It’s important to try to stay positive and not let the flirtation get to you. Focus on the good things in your relationship and the reasons why you love your partner. Try to brush off any negative feelings and remind yourself that your partner chose to be with you for a reason.

4. Set Clear Boundaries

If the flirtation continues, it might be necessary to set some clear boundaries. Talk to your partner about what makes you uncomfortable and see if there are any ways you can work together to address the situation. For example, you might agree to avoid certain social events or avoid contact with the flirt altogether. Remember to communicate openly and honestly, without making accusations or ultimatums.


Q: What should I do if my partner flirts back?
A: If your partner is actively flirting back, it’s important to have an honest conversation about what’s going on. Ask them why they’re flirting and what they hope to gain from it. Try to remain calm and open-minded and avoid jumping to conclusions. Remember that there may be underlying issues in your relationship that need to be addressed.

Q: Should I confront the person who’s flirting with my partner?
A: It’s up to you whether or not you want to confront the person. If their behavior is making you uncomfortable or if they’re being disrespectful, it’s okay to let them know. Just remember to stay calm and respectful, even if the person is being rude or aggressive.

Q: Is it okay to feel jealous?
A: Yes, it’s perfectly normal to feel jealous when someone else is flirting with your partner. However, it’s important to try to manage those feelings in a healthy way and not let them take over. Talk to your partner about how you’re feeling and try to address any underlying issues in your relationship.

Q: What if my partner is being dishonest?
A: If you discover that your partner is being dishonest or cheating on you, it’s important to have a serious conversation about your relationship. Decide what your boundaries are and whether or not you’re willing to work through these issues together. Remember that trust is essential in any healthy relationship, and it’s okay to walk away if you can’t rebuild that trust.

In conclusion, dealing with flirtation can be difficult, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to ruin your relationship. By staying positive, communicating openly, and setting clear boundaries, you can strengthen your bond with your partner and come out of this situation even stronger than before. So the next time you see someone flirting with your partner, take a deep breath and remember that you’ve got this.