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Why Do I Keep Getting Cheated On? A Reddit User’s Perspective

Cheating is a common issue in romantic relationships, and can leave the victim feeling hurt and confused. For many people, venting their frustrations and seeking advice online has become a popular coping mechanism. Reddit, in particular, provides a platform for users to anonymously share their stories and receive support from a community of like-minded individuals. However, despite the popularity of these forums, some users continue to struggle with the same question: Why do I keep getting cheated on?

As a Reddit user myself, I have encountered many posts from people asking this very question. And as someone who has also been repeatedly cheated on in the past, I understand the pain and confusion that comes with it. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, I have compiled some common reasons why someone might be more susceptible to being cheated on.

Low Self Esteem
One common reason is low self-esteem. It is said that “cheaters prosper where self-confidence lacks.” If you do not value and respect yourself enough, it can be difficult for others to do so as well. People who lack confidence may be more likely to stay in toxic relationships or settle for less than they deserve, leading to a higher chance of being taken advantage of.

Insecurity is another factor that can make you more susceptible to being cheated on. Insecurity often stems from a fear of abandonment, and may cause you to become overly clingy or needy in a relationship. This behavior can push your partner away, making you more vulnerable to cheating.

Lack Of Communication
Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. If you struggle to communicate your feelings effectively, your partner may be more likely to stray. When we don’t express our needs and desires, our partner can’t fulfill them, making them more susceptible to seek those needs elsewhere.

Trust Issues
If you have been betrayed in the past, it is natural to feel hesitant to trust again. However, constantly questioning your partner’s loyalty can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Trust is essential in any relationship, and if you lack it, your partner may feel like they can’t be completely honest with you or feel like they have to resort to deception.


1. Can you prevent being cheated on?
While it is impossible to completely prevent cheating, there are steps you can take to minimize your risk. This includes building your self-confidence, making sure you communicate effectively with your partner, and being attentive to red flags in your relationship.

2. Is cheating always the victim’s fault?
No, it is never the victim’s fault. Cheating is a choice that someone makes, and it is their responsibility to own up to their actions. However, it is important to acknowledge that certain behaviors or patterns may make you more susceptible to cheating.

3. How can I move on from being cheated on?
Moving on from being cheated on can be a process, but it starts with taking care of yourself. This means seeking support from friends and family, taking up new hobbies, and being kind to yourself. It is important to acknowledge and process your emotions, but also to focus on your own growth and happiness.

In conclusion, being cheated on can be a painful and confusing experience. While there is no one answer to why it keeps happening, understanding some common factors that make someone more vulnerable can be a helpful tool in preventing it. Remember, it is never the victim’s fault, and taking care of yourself should always be a top priority.