why do my husband keep cheating on me

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Why Does My Husband Keep Cheating on Me: Understanding the Root Causes

Infidelity is a painful experience for anyone to go through, especially when it comes from your significant other. It can be baffling and often leaves you feeling defeated, hurt and angry. You may have asked yourself this question several times, “why does my husband keep cheating on me?” and feel like you’re not getting a straight answer. It can be downright frustrating, and it’s understandable that you want to find answers, but that begs the question, why do men cheat?

No one formula fits all, and hence, everyone has different reasons for cheating. The reasons could be as varied as the personalities of each individual. That being said, this article aims to examine some of the most common reasons why men cheat, so that you can better understand the root causes behind this behavior.

One of the reasons men cheat is due to their low self-esteem. Yes, you heard that right. Most men cheat because they don’t have a lot of confidence in themselves. When a man feels lonely, vulnerable or unappreciated, he may turn to another woman to fulfill his emotional needs. Conversely, if he feels confident, respected and appreciated, he is less likely to cheat on you.

Another reason why men cheat is because of their emotional needs being unmet. This is particularly true when it comes to emotional intimacy. Men want to feel emotionally connected to their partner, and when they feel they’re not getting that, they may seek that elsewhere. A lack of emotional intimacy can be caused by a lack of communication or a loss of interest in each other’s lives.

Sometimes, men cheat when they feel trapped or stuck in an unhappy relationship. This mostly occurs when a man feels that his needs aren’t being met, communicating his needs isn’t working, or the issues in the relationship seem unsolvable. In such cases, men will go outside the relationship to find relief, even if it’s short term.

Another common reason why men cheat is because of boredom, particularly in long-term relationships. Routine and monotony can dull the spark of a relationship, and although it may not mean they don’t love or care for you, they may seek out the excitement of something new.

Low self-control is another factor that contributes to infidelity. Sometimes, a man’s impulsive nature can lead him to make bad decisions that have lasting consequences. Men with low self-control are more likely to partake in risky behavior, such as infidelity, than those with high self-control.

A lack of sexual satisfaction can often be a contributing factor that leads to infidelity. Men who aren’t getting what they want in the bedroom might cheat to satiate their physical needs.

Finally, men may cheat simply because they can. Some men cheat simply because they know they can get away with it. They may feel entitled or simply enjoy the thrill of being chased and pursued.

Overall, men cheat for numerous reasons, and it’s not always a reflection of their love or lack thereof for their partner. However, understanding some of the root causes may better equip you to positively tackle this issue within your own relationship.


Q: Should I confront my husband about his infidelity?
A: Yes, you should confront your husband about his infidelity, but the timing and setting of the talk matters. Try to find a private time and place to have the discussion. Your approach should be calm and non-confrontational to prevent further escalation. Remember, communication is key, and the goal is to have an open and honest discussion.

Q: How can I re-establish trust after my husband’s infidelity?
A: Infidelity can cause a serious breakdown of trust, so rebuilding that trust can be an arduous task. It would help to sit down with your partner and discuss your feelings and set expectations for the future. You may also want to consider couple’s counseling to help you navigate your way through the healing process.

Q: Is it possible to save the marriage after infidelity?
A: Yes, it’s possible to salvage the marriage after infidelity, but it takes effort from both parties. It would help if you both were committed to fixing the underlying issues and to regain each other’s trust. Counseling can help you both navigate through this difficult time and can assist in helping you find a way forward.

In conclusion, there’s never a one-size-fits-all answer as to why men cheat. However, understanding some of the most common reasons can help you better understand your husband’s behavior. You may find it necessary to approach the issue with calmness and empathy, which can make it easier to have an open and honest conversation. Remember, infidelity doesn’t always mean the end of a relationship. By identifying the underlying issues and working together, you can rebuild your relationship and get back on track.