can a narcissist stop cheating

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Can a Narcissist Stop Cheating?

Cheating is a common problem in relationships, and it affects not only the victimised partner but also the people around them such as friends and family. When cheating occurs, trust is broken, and it can be challenging for the cheater to earn it back. Narcissists are known to cheat more than other people, but can they stop cheating?

The short answer is yes, but it’s not easy. Narcissism is typically characterised by grandiosity, a lack of empathy, and a need for admiration. Narcissists often cheat to boost their self-esteem and maintain their sense of superiority.

However, cheating tendencies are not limited to narcissists, and anyone can cheat regardless of their personality types. The decision to cheat is not only influenced by one’s personality but also by environmental and situational factors.

The following are ways in which a narcissist can stop cheating:

1. Admitting the Problem

To stop cheating, the first step is acknowledging that there is a problem. A narcissistic cheater needs to accept that their actions have hurt their partner and caused damage to their relationship. This step requires self-reflection and the ability to put oneself in the victim’s shoes.

2. Seek Professional Help

Narcissism is a personality disorder, and it can be challenging to change one’s personality. However, that does not mean that it is impossible. A narcissistic cheater can seek professional help from a therapist who specialises in personality disorders. Therapy can help a narcissistic cheater to develop empathy and learn healthy coping mechanisms.

3. Be Accountable

To stop cheating, a narcissist must take responsibility for their actions. This step requires honesty and transparency about their past and present behaviours. The cheater must be willing to hold themselves accountable and accept the consequences of their actions, whether it’s losing their partner or being ostracised by their peers.

4. Make Amends

To earn back trust, a narcissistic cheater must make amends. This step requires more than just apologising. The cheater must demonstrate that they are committed to changing their behaviour and setting boundaries that prevent them from cheating again. This may also involve giving their partner space or providing reassurance that they are committed to their relationship.

5. Be Patient

Changing behaviours and tendencies is not a quick fix, and it requires patience and consistency. A narcissistic cheater must work on themselves consistently and over an extended period to change their behaviour.


Q: Can a narcissist change their ways?

A: Yes, a narcissist can change, but it may require professional help and a willingness to make significant lifestyle changes.

Q: Why do narcissists cheat?

A: Narcissists cheat to maintain their sense of superiority and fulfil their need for admiration.

Q: Can a narcissist be faithful?

A: Yes, a narcissist can be faithful if they acknowledge their problems, seek professional help, take responsibility for their actions, and make amends.

Q: How long does it take for a narcissist to stop cheating?

A: The time it takes for a narcissist to stop cheating varies from person to person. It depends on the willingness of the narcissist to seek professional help, their commitment to changing their habits, and the level of support they receive from their partner and loved ones.

Q: Is it worth staying with a narcissistic cheater?

A: It depends on the severity of the cheating and the willingness of the narcissistic cheater to change their behaviour. If the cheater is honest, accountable, and committed to making amends, it may be worth staying. However, if the cheating is consistent and the cheater is not willing to change, it may be better to end the relationship.

In conclusion, a narcissistic cheater can stop cheating, but it requires self-reflection, accountability, professional help, patience, and consistency. Changing behaviours and tendencies is not a quick fix, and it requires a committed effort. If you are in a relationship with a narcissistic cheater, it’s essential to set boundaries, seek support from loved ones, and prioritise your well-being.