do narcissists feel bad for cheating

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Do Narcissists Feel Bad for Cheating?

Cheating is a deed that elicits strong reactions from different people. While some people may be able to move on and forgive the cheating partner, others may struggle to forgive and forget. Moreover, cheating can be more difficult to forgive when it involves a narcissist. Narcissists are known to be self-centered and manipulative individuals who constantly crave attention and admiration. Therefore, one may wonder, do narcissists feel bad for cheating?

The simple answer is that it’s complicated. Like with most aspects of narcissistic behavior, it’s challenging to generalize how they might feel because they have an atypical way of perceiving the world. However, it’s possible to examine the common characteristics of narcissistic individuals when it comes to cheating and how they react to it.

Why do narcissists cheat?

Narcissists’ cheaters tend to view themselves as superior beings that deserve attention from anyone they wish to pursue. They have a sense of entitlement, which often makes them feel like they have the right to cheat. Some other reasons include insatiable urge for sexual conquest, manipulation and control, getting a self-esteem boost or validation, and boredom.

Do narcissists experience guilt or shame for cheating?

Narcissists’ guilt and shame are complex emotions that they often perceive as weaknesses. Hence, they tend to avoid any unpleasant feelings that might make them feel vulnerable. Therefore, it’s possible for narcissists to feel shame or guilt after cheating, but they tend to repress those feelings by rationalizing or justifying their actions. In some cases, they may even shift the blame to their partner or the circumstances that led to the cheating.

Can a narcissist feel remorse after cheating?

It’s uncommon for narcissists to feel genuine remorse. They may apologize, but it’s often a way to manipulate their partner into staying in the relationship. Narcissists don’t feel empathy for others, which makes it difficult for them to understand their partner’s pain. Furthermore, the fact that they may not feel guilty makes it less likely for them to regret their actions.

Do narcissists cheat repeatedly?

Narcissists have a sense of entitlement and are usually self-centered. They believe that they deserve everything and often don’t consider the consequences of their actions. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for a narcissist to cheat repeatedly. Furthermore, they usually don’t see anything wrong with their behavior, which makes it hard for them to change.

Can a narcissist change after cheating?

Narcissists aren’t known for their willingness to change, especially if they don’t perceive their behavior to be problematic. In most cases, they may go through the process of apologizing and even attending therapy, but the chances of them changing their behavior are low. Narcissists’ cheating tendencies are rooted in their personalities, and it takes a lot of effort and self-reflection for them to change.

Do narcissists feel jealous when their partner cheats?

Narcissists tend to be possessive, and they may react to their partner’s infidelity regardless of their own behavior. However, it’s not usually out of empathy or love but rather, a sense of entitlement. Narcissists believe that they own their partner and may feel disrespected when their partner cheats.


Q. Can a relationship with a narcissist be saved after cheating?
It’s possible for a relationship with a narcissist to be saved after cheating, but it requires a lot of work. Narcissists have a difficult time taking responsibility for their actions, and they may not see anything wrong with cheating. Therefore, it’s important to establish clear boundaries and expectations in the relationship and seek professional help if necessary.

Q. Can a narcissist cheat and still love their partner?
Narcissists tend to prioritize their needs over their partner’s needs. Therefore, it’s possible for a narcissist to cheat and still love their partner. However, the way they perceive love is different from the conventional understanding of love. Narcissists may see their partner as an object that they can possess, and cheating may not affect their feelings for their partner.

Q. Why do some people stay in relationships with narcissists after cheating?
Some people may stay in relationships with narcissists after cheating because they hope that their partner will change. Furthermore, narcissists tend to be charming and manipulative, and they may convince their partner to stay. It’s also possible that their low self-esteem makes them feel like they don’t deserve better. However, it’s important to understand that staying in a relationship with a narcissist can be emotionally draining and may not be worth it.


Cheating is a hurtful deed that can damage a relationship deeply. In the case of narcissists, cheating can be more challenging to deal with because of their unique personality traits. Narcissists tend to have a sense of entitlement and may not experience genuine remorse after cheating. However, it’s not impossible for a narcissist to change their behavior, but it requires taking responsibility for their actions and seeking professional help. Ultimately, it’s essential to establish clear boundaries and expectations in a relationship and seek help when necessary.