when a man cheats what are the signs

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When a Man Cheats: Knowing the Signs

Infidelity can be devastating, whether you are the cheater or the cheated on. When it comes to a man cheating, there are often signs that can be observed before the infidelity is outright revealed. If you’ve been wondering whether your partner is cheating or not, here are some signs to look out for.

1. He Becomes Secretive

If your man starts to hide his phone, his computer or his whereabouts, or avoids answering questions about his day and the people he’s spending time with, this could be a red flag. A sudden change in behavior could signal that he’s hiding something from you.

2. He Becomes Defensive

If your partner becomes defensive or irritated when you ask him questions, it could also be a sign that something is amiss. This reaction could be because he’s afraid of being caught or because he doesn’t want you to know what he’s up to.

3. He Has a Change in Routine

If your partner suddenly starts making up excuses about working late or going out with friends more often, this could also be a sign that he’s cheating. A change in routine could mean that he’s now prioritizing someone else over you.

4. He’s Disinterested in You

If your partner has become distant and uninterested in spending time with you, this could be due to guilt or because he’s too busy with someone else. He may also be emotionally disconnected from you and start to pick fights over little things.

5. He’s Secretive About Finances

If your partner starts to hide finances, go silent about social events with friends, and avoid telling you information he used to share with confidence, this could be a sign that he’s cheating. It may also mean that he’s spending his disposable income on something else.

6. He’s Sudden Act of Kindness

If your partner starts to suddenly shower you with gifts, affectionate notes or events, this could also be a sign he’s cheating. This may be a result of guilt or to ease his own conscience.


Q: How do I approach my partner about him cheating on me?

A: If you suspect your partner cheating on you, it’s important to approach the topic with calmness and empathy. Don’t accuse him right away, but instead ask gentle questions and listen to his answers. Share your own feelings with them as well. If he is honest with you about his infidelity, take time to decide how you want to proceed in your relationship.

Q: What are some ways to confirm that my partner is cheating on me?

A: It’s not advisable to outrightly accuse someone of cheating without evidence, doing so could ruin a relationship if it turns out to be incorrect. Instead, try to observe their typical routines and behaviors – this could help you spot any inconsistencies. You could also monitor their phone, email, and social media activity, however, you must be cautious in how you go about it since it could lead to dishonesty and distrust.

Q: My partner cheated on me but says it was a mistake, what should I do?

A: When a partner cheats “by mistake” it’s most likely they’ve acted impulsively and not giving their emotions and decision-making faculties time to undergo close examination. Try to have an honest conversation with them to express your feelings and allow them to share theirs too. From there, you will need to decide whether you trust each other enough to work through the healing process together.

Q: Can we recover from a cheating scandal?

A: It’s possible for a couple to recover from a cheating scandal. However, it’s not easy, and it takes a lot of work, patience, trust and empathy from both parties. Statistics show that couples who go through infidelity and come out stronger are those who take positive steps such as therapy and honest communication. Patience, determination, forgiveness and an open mind help individual relationships recover from the aftermath of cheating too.


Cheating can happen in relationships, and often the signs are there before the infidelity is revealed. If you notice any changes in your partner’s behavior or routine that might indicate cheating, it’s important to have an honest conversation with them. Remember that you know your partner better than anyone else, so trust your gut and act as calmly as possible. As with all aspects of relationships, good communication is key to getting past infidelity and rebuilding trust.